If you’re living with cats or kittens, you’re not alone. The UK is a nation of cat lovers, they’re our most popular pet, often living well into their teenage years.

On these pages you’ll find our experienced advice on the basics of their care including vaccinations, flea and worming treatment, neutering, microchipping, dental care and nutrition.

Whether your cat is old or young, we’re here to help you share a healthy and happy life with your enigmatic feline friend!

Cat fact: Large cats, like tigers, can roar but not purr; house cats can purr but not roar.


Disclaimer: As far as possible we have taken all due care to ensure that the information and advice given here is correct. It must, however, be understood that advice can differ in different circumstances. We can therefore accept no responsibility for errors and always suggest seeking direct professional advice whenever there is any doubt.

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